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Oklahoma DUI Defense

Being arrested for a DUI can be a terrifying experience. In a few mere moments your entire life changes. All of the sudden you are sitting handcuffed in a patrol car worrying about your future. You think about a lot of important aspects of your life: your loved ones, your drivers license, your job, your career. It is not uncommon to feel completely overwhelmed and out of control at this point.

This is where we come in. Josh D. Lee is a highly skilled and trained DUI attorney who has a national reputation for fighting for his clients and making scary situations suddenly seem tolerable. Josh understands that bad things happen to good people. In fact most of his clients are good folks who have never been in any trouble a day in their life.

Your research has brought you to this page for a reason: Josh’s training and knowledge is unmatched by any other attorney in the State of Oklahoma. In fact, few attorneys in the entire United States have the combined legal and science background that Josh has. Look around this site to learn more and we challenge you to find another attorney who can boast the training, experience, and teaching background that Josh has.

Time is of the essence and your first consultation is free so call today to schedule your first meeting with Josh.

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