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Client Endorsements

Here are just a few of the many compliments Josh has received from grateful clients. These are retyped exactly as the reviewer left them.

The best for DUIs!!

“I recently just got a DUI and knew I needed to find the best lawyer out there. I had heard about Josh through word of mouth and how he is the best at what he does. I interviewed a few attorneys and it was clear to me that Josh knew exactly what he was talking about. He has proven success in this field. I had him represent me on my DUI case and he did an amazing job! I got to keep my drivers license and he got the case reduced to a lesser charge. He always kept me informed of what was going on, he was nice but at the same time I knew he was a strong attorney that I trusted! I will recommend him to everyone!”

On behalf of my family and I, we’d like to say thank you.

“I would personally like to thank Josh, along with his law firm. Josh is honest, dedicated and consistent. Never gave me the run around always kept things straight forward with me. I’ve dealt with countless lawyers/attorneys, I’ve never met anyone like Josh Lee.”

Josh Lee is the best there is!

“Josh took my case after another lawyer told me I had no hope. I was convinced I was going to go to jail for something I was not guilty of. I am so glad I found Josh on the internet because he saved me from certain doom. I can’t recommend Josh highly enough.”

Saved me!

“Went to Josh after other lawyers gave me no hope for my case. Jokes on them because Josh got my case thrown out of court. Saved me from prison.”

Like no other

“I have worked with several lawyers over the years. I have not found any that cared about my case like Josh did. He really took care of me and fought hard for me in court. Its nice to finally get a guy who didnt just try to talk me coping a plea and getting the case over. We fought and had a fantastic outcome. I highly recommend Josh if you have a criminal case.”

Life Saver

“After I got a DUI I tried several attorneys around the area. They all tried to plead me guilty, I knew that I couldn’t lose my license so I asked several people what I should do. They all told me to go see Josh Lee. I am so glad I did. Unlike all other attorneys he didn’t want to plead me guilty. He told me that we had a real chance of beating this thing. He also told me different things about the breath machines and the field sobriety tests, which I thought was neat. He is an excellent attorney who knows exactly what he is doing! AND I didn’t lose my license!!!”

Dedicated to his clients

“Mr. Lee has represented me twice. Both cases were out of his specialties, yet he still did an excellent job. You won’t find a more dedicated and determined lawyer. He stands up for his clients and is not afraid to fight for their rights. He is extremely focused and very detailed on every case he tries. He has a very competitive edge and wants to win every case he takes on. I highly recommend Mr. Lee.”

The One to Pick

“It was a very good experience with Josh. He is a smart man. He knows what to do and when to do it. He is always here to help out with anything you need. I had two drug charges both felonies and eluding over a couple years. Josh is so good he got most all of it dropped and I ended up with no convictions. This man is the one to pick.”

best in town

“I went to Josh Lee with my DUI case and was surprised with his knowledge and just how nice he really was, in the end he saved me a bunch of headache and money, it was a welcome change from the @$$**** lawyer i used in the past for my divorce. Thanks James”

On my team

“I was charged with a DUI a few months ago and I talked to a few different lawyers in the area. None of them would fight for my license and they all just wanted me to plead guilty, I couldn’t do that. I then heard about Josh. After the first consultation I felt much better. He said I had a very good argument and that together we could beat this thing. He was very caring and supportive and I felt like he was the only one on my team. He ended up beating it! I got to keep my license and I didn’t get a conviction!”


“Was facing a life sentence for a possession with intent charge. Hired Josh and for the first time ever I had someone who I felt like they actually cared about my case. We pushed the case and it was thrown out by the judge. He was the first to ever fight for me.”


“I was referred to Mr. Lee from friends around Grand Lake. My first impression was that he looked pretty young. But after meeting with him and several other attorneys the choice became quite clear: he was the man for the job. His knowledge and drive was not matched by the other attorneys. It turned out that he found some things that helped my case and I ended up putting this thing behind me quickly. So dont let his young appearance fool you, he is very good.”