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Attorney Endorsements

“Josh Lee is a beast. Josh is a brilliant and hard working attorney. I have known Josh for years and I have no hesitation referring people to Josh. He is a nationally recognized attorney in the field of DUI/DWI defense. Josh is a requested speaker nationally because he is awesome.” – Tim Bussey – Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“Josh Lee is one of the brightest attorneys in Oklahoma handling DUI cases. He has taken all the advanced courses available to criminal defense attorneys that pertain to scientific evidence and challenging state breath and blood cases. In attending these courses, he scored in the top of his class, on the final exams. That is the type attorney you want representing you in court.” William “Bubba” Head – Atlanta, Georgia.

“Josh and I have worked on many cases together over the last several years and he is hands down one of the most qualified DWI Lawyers I know. I was his co-counsel in his first trial in Texas and we had a very difficult case. Josh’s expertise in Field Sobriety Testing, along with excellent cross examination skills enabled him to professionally make the experienced Officer look like a Rookie. Because of Josh, the Officer looked confused and unsure of himself on the witness stand, and totally lost all his credibility. After the trial, the Officer told me he was headed straight home to review his sobriety manual for Josh knew it “way better then I do.” If you are in trouble in Oklahoma and need someone to fight for you, look no further then Josh Lee.” – Douglas Wilder – Dallas, Texas.

“I could say I endorse this lawyer, but that would be nothing compared to Josh’s skill, talent, and dedication. They say that the hallmark of a good lawyer is that he is able to learn a subject and be more well versed than an expert witness. That’d be Josh. He is recognized in the scientific community of forensic scientists as a forensic scientist (not as a lawyer), in the DUI defense community as a knowledgeable and skilled advocate, and in my world as my friend and colleague. I am pleased to know Josh as someone I can rely on at any time, as someone on whom I rely, and as someone to whom I can refer with confidence. I look forward to seeeing his future accomplishments, as I know they will be powerful.” – Scott Wonder – Bellevue, Washington.

“Wow! What can I say about Josh? First… just he is a tireless worker, and that is a great place to start. This man will leave no stone unturned, this man will leave no i un-dotted and no t un-crossed. The bottom line is Josh has taught me more about law as it relates to science than anyone in my 25 year career. This young man is an unbelievable scientist, he is an amazing teacher, he is a great litigator and he is a smooth calculating brilliant legal mind….. That is good people, that is real good but that isn’t what is great about Josh Lee…. he is kind, he is compassionate, he is sympathetic and he cares more than you will ever get the opportunity to know…. And although that first part is why I think ( and tell people) that Josh is great, it is the second part that makes me proud to call Josh my friend and know that anybody that hires Josh has put them self in the best position possible to defend their case.” – Tad Nelson – Galveston, Texas.

“To say that Josh Lee is one of the best DUI defense attorneys in the country is an understatement. I have never met such an outstanding advocate. Josh possesses that rare combination of expertise, skill and heart, and that is what makes him such a wonderful defense attorney. Josh’s expertise has been recognized by lawyers even outside of Oklahoma and he has been training people across the country in the highly complex and scientific methods used in DUIs as well as how to be a good courtroom advocate. What’s more, he clearly cares about each of his clients. When a client says “I will be thankful to Josh for the rest of my life” you know you can’t go wrong. And I promise you, if you hire Josh Lee as your attorney, you too will be thankful for the rest of your life. I unequivocally recommend Josh Lee!” – Sarah Toney – Chicago, Illinois.

“I attended Law School with Josh and have known him for several years. In law school Josh was known as a “go to” guy for solving the tough problems. Now, in practice Josh is still the “go to” guy for the tough cases. Josh has consistently distinguished himself among his peers for his tireless pursuit to be the best. And that’s what he is. I trust my referrals to Josh. And would trust my own fate to Josh should I ever need legal assistance. Simply put, Josh is the guy I call when there is a problem I can’t solve. Chances are, he’s already solved it. HIGHLY ENDORSED.” – Luke Anthony – Stillwater, Oklahoma.

“Josh is brilliant. I have listened to Josh speak at many seminars, as well as personal conversations about defending blood tests cases and DWI cases in general. He is knowledgable and persuasive in his presentation of his knowledge. Every prosecutor’s greatest nightmare!” – Jim Medley – Houston, Texas.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Josh Lee at various advanced semninars relating to DUI/DWI defense. Josh is a hardworking attorney, and is extremely knowledgeable in blood and breath alcohol analysis and the defense of DUI/DWI cases in general. Not only is Josh a talented trial attorney, he invests his time training other lawyers in areas such as blood alcohol analysis, cross-examination, and crimnal defense trials in general. If you are considering Josh Lee as your attorney, you can’t find a better lawyer, I highly recommend him.” – Manuel Barba – Los Angeles, California.

“He is a true champion for the accused citizen facing a DUI charge. He is more than just a trial lawyer. Attorney Lee is passionate about his work and those he protects. Excellence is what you can expect when he is in your corner.” – Ryan Russman – Exeter, New Hampshire.

“Josh Lee’s knowledge of DWI defense is simply amazing. Josh has reached such a level of familiarity with the science of defeating DWI/DUI cases that Criminal Defense Lawyers Associations as well as scientific associations regularly invite him to share his expertise with their members. Josh Lee isn’t just one of Oklahoma’s best lawyers; he’s one of the country’s best.” – Jesse Hernandez – San Antonio, Texas.

“I endorse this lawyer. I have had the opportunity to learn from Attorney Lee at the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Advanced OVI Seminar, OACDL Trial Skills Workshop, and at the nation’s most advanced DUI Blood Evidence training for attorneys. Josh does not just understand the important aspects of DUI cases, he has achieved a mastery of them. I am a better lawyer for having met Josh Lee and you will make an excellent choice to retain him should you be accused of DUI.” – Andrew Bucher – Toledo, Ohio.

The following reviews have been left by anonymously by attorneys on Martindale-Hubbell.

“Mr. Lee is one of the countrys most talented lawyers. His passion for the law, the science behind the law and the art of communication are unmatched. He truly cares about his clients and their family. He is widely respected nationwide for his gifts as an attorney but also his knowledge. He has help educate thousand of lawyers across the United States. His generosity in sharing information is truly amazing. I whole heartedly endorse Mr. Lee.”

“One of the finest attorneys I have ever worked with in 16 years.”

“Josh is a phenomenally brilliant attorney. He has dedicated tremendous time and effort to not just learn and apply forensic science in the courtroom but he has been gracious and generous with his knowledge. Josh goes above and beyond to help any and all attorneys to learn how to use and explain to use of gas chromatography in the courtroom. He is a great and skillful attorney in the courtroom as well as a superior instructor.”

“I have known Attorney Lee for quite a number of years. I can personally attest that he is of the highest moral character. He is a true professional. He is a brilliant litigator. He acquits himself well before all of the courts that he appears before. More than that he is actively engaged in the education of his peer community, meaning DUI and criminal defense lawyers. Through the years he has dedicated thousands of hours of uncompensated time in teaching and lecturing other lawyers, and judges.”

“Josh is a National Expert and widely respected across the country in the area of DUI/DWI Defense.”

“Josh Lee is one of the best lawyers I know who travels across the country teaching other lawyers what he knows. He has proved himself knowledgeable and experienced and I do not hesitate to recommend him.”

“Mr. Lee is an exceptional attorney. His abilities to communicate complex scientific issues effectively are not only a benefit for his clients but also for the countless attorneys to whom he lectures. He is instrumental in teaching other attorneys around the country not only technical issues regarding blood alcohol analysis but also how to examine witnesses on a multitude of areas. Mr. Lee deserves the highest rating as his knowledge surpasses those who have been practicing for 30 years.”

“Josh epitomizes what we need in our profession. Honor, character and ethics combined with knowledge, ability and skill. Josh has exploded on the national scene in regard to science in the courtroom and exposing voodoo science as well. Josh has introduced the Terry MacCarthy cross examination presentation to a national audience that has turned practices around. Not Guilty verdicts are resulting due to this valuable training and witnesses are being held to a standard of truthfulness in the courts.”

“Josh Lee has exploded onto the national scene of DWI Defense over the past three years. Josh has become a national speaker and presenter in the area of blood draws and cross examination of witnesses. Josh, a former police officer, is in great demand throughout the country for speaking and teaching engagements and he has selflessly given of himself to our profession. Honor, character and ethics characterize Josh Lee. I am honored to endorse him as a friend and colleague.”